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General information

The Port of Vlissingen consists of two separate harbour areas: Vlissingen-Oost (Flushing East) and Vlissingen (the original harbour in the town of Vlissingen). Vlissingen-Oost is both an industrial area and a commercial harbour covering a total of 2,300 hectares. The harbour is located at the mouth of the River Scheldt, only a few kilometres from the North Sea and is accessible to all seagoing vessels.
In 2006 more than 4.000 seagoing vessels and almost 13.000 Inland vessels visited Vlissingen and handled over 16 million tonnes of cargo. All dock basins are reached through the Sloehaven, which has direct access to the sea. The harbour entrance is 350 metres wide with an entry depth of 13.8 metres LLWS. The port can accommodate vessels of up to 16.50 metres draught.
Thanks to a number of recent developments, Zeeland Seaports can say that it is now among the most attractive investment areas in northwest Europe for industry and logistics. Plans are made for the construction of a deep-sea containerterminal (Western Scheldt Containerterminal, WCT) in the River Scheldt, with a quay length of approximately 2.0 kilometres.
This means that ships can call at Vlissingen with minimum deviation from principal shipping routes. Access from the open sea is unrestricted, with no locks or width restrictions. The port has deepwater terminals up to 16.5 metres draught.
The huge and well-equipped harbour of Vlissingen-Oost is one of the best locations in the Netherlands for companies involved in industrial processing. In addition to its size and range of cargo handling facilities, the harbour is home to leading names in the heavy industry sector.
Vlissingen-Oost has the key advantage of open space with no obstacles to development and expansion. Large ocean-going ships have access to the deepwater dock basins, while on the land side, a spacious perimeter road allows trucks to reach any terminal quickly and easy.
Also, the port of Vlissingen has built a fine reputation for expert handling of niche cargoes. Everything from fresh fruit to forest products to steel and non-ferrous metals.

Port accommodation


Length 400 meter
Width 170-85 meter
Quay length 1350 meter
Draught up to 72 dm
Located behind locks

Length 1250 meter
Width 275 meter
Quay length 350 meter
Draught up to 115 dm LLWS
Oil jetties:
draught up to 95 dm LLWS
RoRo facilities


Length 2000 meter
Width 600-300 meter
Draught 138 dm LLWS
Oil jetties and bulk berth:
draugth up to 125 dm LLWS
draught up to 125 dm LLWS
Length 290 meter
draught up to 80 dm LLWS

Length 2000 meter
Width 365 meter
Draught 125 dm LLWS
Quay length 920 meter:
draught up to 133 dm LLWS
Quaylength 300 meter:
draught up to 125 dm LLWS
RoRo berth:
draught up to 95 dm LLWS
draught up to 125 dm LLWS,
length 120 and 160 meter
draught up to 125 dm LLWS
Gas terminal jetties:
draught up to 125 dm LLWS
Waiting berth for barges:
draught up to 50 dm LLWS

Length 800 meter
Width 300 meter
Draught up to 105 dm LLWS
Quay length 1900 meter

Length 450 meter
Width 180 meter
Draught 105 dm LLWS
Quay length 300 meter
Bulk berth:
draught up to 65 dm LLWS

Van Cittershaven
Length 2700 meter
Width 240-400 meter
Draught up to 158 dm LLWS
Quay length 1100 meter:
draught up to 50 dm LLWS
Oil jetties
Bulk jetties
Waiting berth for barges carrying dangerous cargoes:
draught up to 50 dm LLWS

Length 300 meter
Width 200 meter
Draught up to 65 dm LLWS

Length 600 meter
Width 120 meter
Draught 135 dm LLWS
Quay length 600 meter

Length 600 meter
Width 150-310 meter
Draught up to 178 dm LLWS
Quay length 980 meter
Bulk berths

Total Zeesteiger
Oiljetty on River Scheldt
Draught up to 148 dm LLWS

Dimensions of sea locks destination Binnenhaven and Middelburg:
138 x 22 meter
65 x 7,8 meter

Repair facilities for ships up to 250,000 dwt.
Docking facilities for ships up to 90,000 dwt.
Availability of fresh water (on most quays, or by barge), diesel oil and fuel oil (all grades).

Rail connection to most quays.



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